Monday, July 29, 2019

Tutorial: The Spiritual Power of Nature

Our next art journaling activity, The Spiritual Power of Nature, was completed after Sr. Fran led the group through a wonderful journal writing exercise about the concept of PLACE.

Sr. Fran art journaling on left. 

 Artists at work



journal entry
piece of scrap paper to write on and check colors, etc
mixed media paper/substrate
image of a scene in nature
glue brush or other glue applicator
2-3 colors of acrylic paint plus black and white
wax paper
paint brush
painters tape (optional)
water container
rag or paper towel
colored pencils, water color crayons, pastels
printing tools such as bubble wrap, credit card, TP tubes, stencils, etc.
Optional: Additional collage materials, pre-printed words and phrases
*Paint Past the Photo: The nature photo you just journaled about will be integrated into a mixed media journal page. Think about the essence of the scene as your writing described and use it to guide your visual expression.  
*Special thank you to my art teacher, mentor, and friend, Dory Kanter, for teaching me this technique. It can be found in her book Art Escapes: Daily Exercises and Inspirations for Discovering Greater Creativity and and Artistic Confidence.

1. Glue the nature image to your mixed media paper/substrate. You may want to cut or tear it and use a smaller portion of it or cut the image into grids or segments for a more abstract look. 2. Use a pencil to lightly draw in a continuation of the image, drawing past the photo.
3. Find 2 or 3 paint colors that match the colors of your image (plus some black and white)
Vary the intensity of the colors by watering down some of the paint you will be applying.
Add black and white sparingly to darken or lighten your color hues.
4. Paint the surrounding area of the image. Apply paint directly on the image as well, leaving parts
of the image visual by using washes in spots and leaving some of the image unpainted.
5. Make sure to paint past the edges to integrate the image and the background.
6. Collage in additional images or shapes if desired. Perhaps add a few spirals here and there.
7. Add finishing touches. Use the Mixed Media Technique Chart for ideas.
8. Add a portion of your nature prompt writing by writing it on a separate piece of paper and gluing it on your painting or write directly on your painting.
9. Enjoy your work. 

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