Monday, July 29, 2019

Tutorial: Portrait of the Feminine

Kitty's hands
Beautiful artists

Here's our second art journaling activity. Beautiful work completed by our creative community.

Patty's Piece

Portrait of the Feminine

journal entry
piece of scrap paper to write on and check colors, etc
mixed media paper/substrate
image of a woman
something to write words with (pencil, Sharpie, water color pencils)
2 colors of acrylic paint(analogous or complementary) plus black and white
3 pieces of collage paper (one with text, one with texture, one with design element-colors, shapes, etc)
wax paper
water container
Printing tools such as bubble wrap, credit card, TP tubes, stencils, etc.
Optional: pre-printed words and phrases
1. Think about the woman you just wrote about in your journal. Perhaps it is someone personally, like an aunt, friend, or mother. Perhaps it is a role model. Perhaps YOURSELF.
On your scrap paper, jot down words and phrases taken from your journal entry that describes essence of this woman that you would like to portray. You may have many words or just one or two words. These words will serve as your intention. Meanwhile, set them aside for later.

Choose an image of a woman that speaks to you. Don't worry if she doesn't look like the woman your are focusing on. You will be altering her to visually represent her essence.
Set the image of the woman aside for now. While creating your piece, think the story you want to tell. Is this woman bold, happy, wise, pensive, loving, quiet, nurturing, spiritual, creative, etc…?

2. Paint a light wash over your page or substrate using one of your colors. The paper will curl up temporarily. If you can't stand this (LOL) you can tape down the edges of your paper prior to painting. Some paint is more transparent to begin with than others, other paints will need to be watered down some.

3. Choose one collage element from each category: texture, text, and visual interest.
Arrange the three collage elements on your page to make a composition you like. You might want to cut or tear these collage elements to reshape them. Glue down. Paint them with a light wash of your second color (or leave them unpainted.)
4. Place the image of the woman in a spot that works for the composition and glue down. Keeping in mind the essence of your woman, alter her with paint and collage. You might change her hair style and color; paint over part or all of her face; change her clothing; add additional collage images such as flowers or spirals; give her a crown or wings. Choices are endless.
Use the black and white paint to change the shade of your two color choices. Mix a color with a minimal color of black; create greys; add white to a color to lighten it, etc. Just experiment a little and see what comes up.
5. Write the words or phrases artfully into the composition. Or add pre-printed words, phrases, quotes, or poetry.
6. Add finishing details for added interest and integrate your piece. Try using bubble wrap prints or splatters. Refer to the Mixed Media Technique sheet for other ideas.

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