Monday, July 29, 2019

Tutorial: Accordion Book Journals

An Abundant Life Accordion Book 

The Creativity Continues

journal entry
piece of scrap paper to write ideas, check colors, etc
Two strips of paper (we'll use 10” x 3” strips
3 colors of acrylic paint – create a color palate of a light/brighter color, its compliment, and a neutral ex. yellow ochre, teal, brown-black;
yellow, purple, mossy green;
lime green, mellowish yellow, black
pink, lime, blue-black
olive, orange, raspberry-black
tan, berry red, and turquoise
wax paper
paint brush
painters tape (optional)
water container
rag or paper towel
Optional: Words, phrases, and/or sentences from your journal writing, OR pre-printed words, phrases, poems; additional collage materials, etc.

Accordion Books are easy to create. They can be oriented either left to right or from top to bottom. We will insert our accordion books into our journals when complete.
1. Fold each paper strip in half lengthwise. Fold each end to the center fold. Each strip will have 4 pages. Use a bone folder or the top of a pair of scissors to deepen the creases.
Orient the strips to look like a “W” or an “M”. Overlap so the two inner pages overlap. Glue them together.
2. Choose one of your colors. Paint the entire book in a watered down version of this color.
Allow it to dry somewhat but it does not have to be completely dry.
3. Spray the top length of the book. Take a second color and lay down a fairly heavy amount at the top of the book. Hold the book upright and allow this color to drip down.
4. Turn the book around so the drips are facing upward. Do the same process with the third color
allowing it to drip down in the opposite position of the second color.
5. While waiting for the book to dry (fairly well anyway) decide how you want to input your words into the book: each “page” and individual entry OR one long entry spreading from first page to the last.
6. Input your text, images, drawings, etc. into the book.
7. Apply finishing print marks if desired.
8. Turn the book to back side. Spray on some ink spray to give the back a little life.
9. When dry, insert the accordion book into your journal portfolio
10. Enjoy!

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