Thursday, July 26, 2018

How To Live An Authentic Life

These are the things I work on every day of my life. 
Of course, some days are easier than others.

Participate in life.
Do familiar and novel things.
Do each thing deliberately
and without rushing.
Put space between
one thing and the next.

Live artfully.

Have daily, weekly,
and monthly rituals.

Only do what feels right.
Follow Your own rules
and recognize intuitive nudges.
Do not be submissive.

Be self aware.
Spend time alone to
consciously process your life,
appreciate your spirituality,
embrace imperfections,
tend to your emotions,
and treat yourself kindly.

Live a simple,
clutter-free life
and eat simple food.

Tend to your
social connections-
both family and friends.

Immerse yourself into
nature often.
Stand in awe of nature,
inviting her into
each and every
cell of your body.
Feed your
motivation mechanism
in order to remain
and complete.

Share your
resources and passions.
Understand that the well-being
of others is equally
as important as your own.

Move your body
to keep it healthy
and pain-free.

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