Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Reflecting on completing a 30 day art challenge

Day 30
1950s Women Needed Coffee

Yesterday was the final day of my 30 Days of Morning JoJo art challenge. I managed to create something everyday. Some days were easier than others depending what was going on in my life. Other days turned into evenings as I worked to finish to a piece.

I found that challenging myself to do art on a daily basis really helped me focus. I got into a routine of getting into the studio chair EVERY day and putting hands to project. Something that surprised me was that the more time and energy I put into my creativity, the more creative I became.

If you are looking to find your muse again, get into an art habit, and strengthen your creativity muscle, you should definitely consider committing to an art challenge. I was able to find a friend who also committed to the challenge which upped our accountability.

My next art challenge, or my February Challenge, is to create a collage or assemblage every day. They will generally be small works. I have not decided on a specific theme but I have many ideas in mind. AND, I recruited a friend to take the challenge with me.

Keep an eye out for postings.

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