Monday, January 1, 2018

Begin the New Year with a 30 Day Creativity Challenge

Happy 2018 Creative Souls

I still don't know if anyone is reading this blog or not, however, I'm sticking to it because I am hoping to write a book on the creative process at some point in the not too far away future. 

I'm recording ideas in this blog to help me explore my subject and maybe even get some input from you (whoever you are out there in the blogosphere.) 

I have also taken on a 30 Day Creativity Challenge as a shout out to my muses. 

The challenge is to create something (anything) involving my morning coffee. I figure I ALWAYS have morning coffee so half of the "daily" part should come easy. I will either draw, paint, photograph, write a poem, journal, collage, or whatever. It might take me 5 minutes,  2 minutes, or all day depending on where this challenge takes me. 

On day 1 of my challenge (today, January 1, 2018) I began by thinking of a cool title and came up with #30DaysofMorningJoJo. 

I recorded a quick sketch of my first cup of the day. No big deal, just a quick, far from perfect, sketch of my coffee in one of favorite mugs.
The shadows over the mug are a good reminder that
sometimes the sun does indeed shine here in the
Great Northeast in January. It'll be gone soon,
I assume, but here it is documented forever.
How about a 30 day challenge of your own? Let us in on it if you decide to answer the call.


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