Sunday, December 24, 2017

Self care for the holidays

The holiday season is here. In fact, it is Christmas Eve morning as I write. I woke up in a negative mood from a nasty dream about who knows what. As I lay in bed, I remembered the holiday self care intentions I wrote last night and felt better. I know my introvert self and have learned to identify events that could tip me off balance-even if they are happy events.

Here is my list of holiday self care intentions. I hope you find at least one of these ideas useful. Maybe you have a suggestion or two to add.

1. Do some morning yoga. For me, this simply means getting down on my mat and doing some restorative poses. Maybe others will make it to a class. Either way, we are centering ourselves before the upcoming commotion.

2. Steal some time away from the frenzy to get quiet. This might only mean a trip to the bathroom for some deep breathing but if possible, it could mean a full five minutes alone to silence my chattering brain and recenter myself.

3. Try, try, and try again to stop myself from mindlessly drinking and eating. This is especially important for me after the festivities as the leftovers have served to anesthetize me in the past. This is a really unhealthy practice and sends me deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole.

4. Do something extra kind for someone. Of course, this always lifts my mood.

5. Do something creative. Anything. For me, I plan to sit at my worktable and fiddle around with a current project. Or maybe just look things over. My work space transforms me and I am immediately more mindful.  I remember that ART CHANGES EVERYTHING and for me, today, this translates to some self care to change my outlook from frenzy to calm.

I'm working on some crazy lady collages (self portraits of sorts).
Sharing them only with you, dear reader. 

What do YOU do to remain centered over the holiday season?

Here are a couple articles on the topic from around the blog-o-sphere. The Bill of Rights especially  applies to people who have lost a loved one and find the holidays extra challenging.

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