Thursday, November 16, 2017



 A True Story of 
Sexual Harassment and Regret

When I was in teacher training college back in 1978, my supervising teacher was nothing but a predator. I was young, maybe 20 or so, and ready to learn my craft so I could go on to change the world. But what I learned was a different sort of lesson.

I can still remember my first day of student teaching.

When I met my supervising teacher, I felt that little voice
in my gut trying to tell me something. But I shushed it
away so I could get on my student teaching duties.

It didn't take me long before I realized my supervising teacher 

was trying to use his position of power to pressure me into sex.

"I had to get the perv."

He was super skeevy.  His innuendos, staring,
gestures, made my SKIN CRAWL. I
dreaded each and every day.

And then one day...he gave me this weird invitation to go to a hotel room with him. It obviously took him a while to craft this invitation.


"You're going down, dude."


I was able to somehow finesse my way out it.  He told me to give back his explicit invitation. 

"Too bad," I thought. I was definitely planning to use it against him.I gave it back, kept my mouth shut and laid low for the remainder of the semester. After this, he soon stopped approaching me for sex. But I wondered if I was going to pass this internship or if I was going to have to take it all over again. 

He totally ignored me for the few remaining weeks left of my internship. He didn't teach the kids anything and he certainly didn't teach me anything.

Evaluation day finally came and I passed. In fact, he gave me an A. It was unspoken that the A was payment for keeping my mouth shut.

I was relieved to get the hell of the situation. But, I can't say that I learned anything about my craft that semester. It was a waste of money and a lousy experience.

But, I was DONE.

For years and to this day I fantasize about things I should have, could have said or done. Now that I am a grown woman, I very much regret not reporting him, telling his wife, or even just telling him that he is a total asshole.


Maybe things would have gotten better for the next young student teacher who just wanted to learn her craft.


  1. Do you still feel frustrated and regretful? Did your art provide some catharsis? I am still not ready to put my “me too” secrets out there. As always, however, you are an inspiration! Thank you, girlfriend!

    1. Now that I am a mother, grandmother, educator, etc. I feel extremely regretful that I didn't report this. But now, many years later, the #MeToo movement empowered me to tell this story. Sexual harassment is not just something that happens in politics or entertainment but anywhere a predator in a position of power can lurk over a person in a vulnerable position who feels less empowered. I wish I had the tools back them to call out this so-called "supervising teacher". I hope young women today are stronger and able to stand up to these creeps.