Saturday, September 3, 2016

The Tree of Contemplative Practices

The Tree of Contemplative Practices shows us that mindfulness can be manifested in so many ways. You may or may not have realized when you journal or do volunteer work you are practicing mindfulness. The Tree of Contemplative Practices gives us a visual to help guide us as we journey on our paths to living our best lives, growing spiritually, raising our vibration, being happy, or (insert your personal definition of wherever your path is taking you).

Creativity and art are mindful practices. Socially informed artists know this as does anyone who ever enjoyed any kind of creative endeavor. So, keep creating in any way that makes your heart sing. 

Check out the blank tree at the bottom of this page and write in the contemplative practices you already have in your life. Then, let's add more as the moments take us to new places.

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