Saturday, April 30, 2016

Reaching Out With Eyes Wide Open

Safe Inc. of Schenectady was awarded a grant to fight sex trafficking and to help implement Safe Harbor programming in the county. New York passed its Safe Harbor law in 2008 which defines children or minors involved in trafficking crimes as victims and protects them from being charged with a juvenile delinquent offence. 
As part of this initiate, the Schenectady County Anti-Trafficking Task Force was established. One of the goals of the task force is to have individuals and agencies undergo training to share important information on the prevention of trafficking on a local level.

The Task Force is will be sending representatives to receive Love 146's Not a Number training (a "train the trainer" endeavor).  Many survivors of trafficking have reported that if armed with information about this type of exploitation the may have been alerted before they fell victim. After care for survivors is a key element in helping youth recover from such victimization and is covered in this training.

Meanwhile, if you are interested in learning more about human trafficking you can download this handbook from Love 146's: A twenty page guide to abolition.

PS: As a member of the task force I hope we infuse some visual expression to help bring awareness to people who are not yet in the conversation.

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