Friday, February 19, 2016

Art can heal the healers

Creative expression has an undeniable healing power. Art can help us explore what is important to us.  

Collage-making is one of many artistic techniques that 

can lend itself to self-discovery. It is a process that be 

nurturing, validating, and healing. You can create a collage to 

reflect on aspects of your life that need attention; celebrate 

your accomplishments; show gratitude; map your progress; 

process grief or loss; create inner peace; 

or simply become more mindful.

Here are Some Tools to Enhance Self-Discovery, Mindfulness, and Healing


The Sanskrit term mandala roughly translates to "magic circle" or "sacred circle". They tend to act as activation templates of consciousness. Carl G. Jung studied mandalas from a wide field of world cultures and eras, as well as having advocated for creating our own mandalas as vehicles of soulwork. He noted that when we draw mandalas from the center outward, we tend to process our personal issues or challenges du jour and often gain increased clarity and energy which we can apply to our lives.

Beautiful collage samples by Shida Partovi

Artful Collages and Poetry

A beautiful four-minute video montage into nature to help de-stress

Art and Healing Podcasts

Mindfulness, Suffering, and Engaged Buddhism - Thich Nhat Hanh

Poetry for the Healer's Soul
Artful Collages and Poetry
A beautiful poem written by Mary Severson, age 10
Who Heals the Healer?
If the healer is the one who heals us all,
Who heals the healer?
If the healer is the one who heals our souls,
Who heals the healer when her soul is cold?
A healer's heart is pure and strong,
Who heals the healer when the strength is gone?
The healer's spirit is joyous and pure,
Who heals the healer when her spirit feels unsure?
The healer's ways are good and kind,
Who heals the healer when her way she can't find?
The healer must guide us through night and day,
Who guides the healer when she can't find her way?
As the healer holds our spirits near
Who speaks softly in the healer's ear?
The question that goes unanswered was
Who heals the healer?

My love healed the healer,
when her soul was cold.
My love healed the healer,
when her spirit folds.
My love healed the healer,
when her strength was gone.
My love healed the healer,
when she was frightened like a fawn.
My love healed the healer,
when she feels unsure.
My love healed the healer,
when she is insecure.
I followed the Light that brought me to her,
I gave the love that helped me heal her.
Copyright ©1999 - Mary Severson 

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