Sunday, January 17, 2016

David Bowie: A Legacy of incredible activism through art

The thing that I just wanted to say over the past couple of days is David Bowie’s impact is so huge in that he presents himself as a role model to artists who need to remember it’s not about branding. It’s about a restless need to be creative. David Bowie was the ultimate anti-branding artist. He always shook it up and he always served the gods of creativity.’ Cameron Crowe

David Bowie is a legend in rock and roll circles but he is also a legendary philanthropist. His life story proves that being different is a good thing. That embracing your passions and remembering to embrace your fellow man go hand-in-hand. That incredible success can be paired with incredible advocacy and activism.
Every Mother Counts
Food Bank For New York City
Keep A Child Alive
Mines Advisory Group
Save the Children
The Lunchbox Fund
War Child
Whatever It Takes


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