Friday, November 20, 2015

Schenectady Arts Advocacy Event at Proctors

Now for a different kind of advocacy...

Just returned from Proctors where I was at a 
Schenectady Arts Advocacy Event.  

The take home for me . . .

  • SUPPORT THE ARTS (of course!)

  • The arts can interface with just about any other industry, cause, or business. Find community partners and "partner up".

  • Find other artists who do what you do, or something similar, and join together to get your voice heard.

  • The Capital Region of New York (all 8 counties) has a growing creative economy. Go to and see what's going on. 

  • I learned a new word "urban-centric" (as in Urban vs. Rural realities).

  • I also shook hands with Phillip Morris, Proctor's CEO and one of Schenectady's most famous people. He was a really nice guy.

  • That's about enough for me today.

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