Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Human Trafficking: Keeping it real

Keep an eye on the truth.

Conflicting information about human trafficking, particularly statistics, is only a few google clicks away.

Trying to get information about what is and what is not reality is surprisingly difficult. 
 The covert nature of the crime makes it impossible to find accurate statistics. 

The last thing the anti-trafficking movement needs is overly sensationalist news articles about this crime.  We have to keep it real. Yes, shine the light on the issue but use the best flashlight you can find for accuracy and clarity. This is the only way to maintain your credibility and not be labeled as gullible.

When reading reports and statistics be careful to see how the terminology is used. Some information is based on the legal definition of Trafficking in Persons, yet other web searches will bring you to looser explanations, such as the  Polaris Project.

Any victimization of vulnerable people is morally wrong. Just be sure to to check how the terminology is being used and/or intertwined. In order to maintain credibility be careful about terminology. Be careful when doing your research to find out if terms like sex trafficking and sexual exploitation or labor trafficking and labor exploitation are lumped under one big umbrella. If they are the message may still be reasonable, but 
not if it convolutes the data.

Violations that undermine our human right of freedom, no matter what it's called, is WRONG. However it is expressed:
slavery, trafficking, exploitation, debt bondage, servitude, sexual/physical/mental abuse, coercion of others for personal gain, sexual assault, or domestic violence, it's wrong.  

Human trafficking is interconnected to so many issues: the economy, climate change, war, the marginalization of groups of people, cultural beliefs, mental health, and so much more. There is no one way to "fix" the issue, but in my heart of hearts, I am optimistic that we can be of service to those caught within the web of human trafficking.

So the work of the abolitionist continues. The message here is to be very careful to keep it real and not feed into the sensationalism of the crime of human trafficking which will not serve the cause very well. It took me over a year and half of delving into the topic of human trafficking to refine my understandings about keeping it real, which surprised even me, who lives life through a fairly thick shell of skepticism.  

Perhaps some of this rings true..?

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