Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Human Trafficking and Domestic Violence

No Judgement
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There is a significant intersection between human trafficking and domestic violence. Both are intentional manifestations of power and control. Along with domestic violence survivors, many survivors of human trafficking live under the same roof as the person who is controlling and abusing them.

Domestic violence survivors and human
trafficking survivors often share many of the following:
  • physical and sexual violence
  • isolation and restricted movements
  • threats of harm to self, family members, or pets
  • degradation and name calling
  • shame
  • no control of finances
  • no control of important documents
Domestic violence advocates are positioned to give aide to human trafficking survivors by helping them access shelter, medical and mental health services, drug rehab, and other services.

They are equipped to provide human trafficking survivors with a victim-centered approach to assistance; non-judgmental support with an emphasis on empowerment and respect of the survivor's choices.

Funding for human trafficking is insufficient and does not provide for long-term support. Domestic violence shelters often offer support to trafficked persons. Cut in domestic violence funding not only reduces services to domestic violence survivors, but also to those who may have fallen victim to human trafficking.

For further information and a thorough research article click here    The Connection Between Human Trafficking and Domestic Violence 

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